About Bertie

By the time I was seven, Saturday was the most wondrous time of my week. No school! So as soon as I awoke, I would draw and paint – all day! Galleons, Cowboys and Indians, horses, Knights of the Round Table, cars, bikes, rocket ships, Roman soldiers and everything else that came to mind or I could find reference for.

When I was nine, Tom Keating, an extraordinarily brilliant artist who subsequently amazed and floored the art world with the brilliance of his skills at copying Old Masters, was my teacher and mentor at St Andrews College, Catford, South East London. We became an inseparable unit of teacher and small student and he actually staged joint exhibitions with me.

Eventually I went on to study at Camberwell School of Art in Central London before joining the advertising industry which I love and will never leave.

All the drawings you will see here are totally freehand and most definitely never computer aided.